Academic Probation


  1. A student whose cumulative grade-point average CGPA falls below 2.0 by the end of the second semester or at the end of any succeeding semester is placed on academic probation, given the first warning . He / She is not allowed to register in more than 15 CH.
  2. Should a student fail to raise his/her CGPA to at least 2.00 in the following semester, he/she will be given a second warning and is not allowed to register in more than 12 CH.
  3. Failing to achieve the required CGPA the student will be issued a thired warning. The student is liable to one of the following actions based on the college council decision:
    • Transferring the student to another specialization within the same college.
    • Transferring the student to another college upon the approval of its council.
  4. If the student fails to remove the probation by the end of the following two semesters, the student shall be dismissed from the university.
  5. If the student CGPA is at least 1.9 and he/she completed at least 75% of the credit hours required for graduation, he/she will not be dismissed from the university but is permitted to continue in the same major until he/she exceeds the maximum period of study.
  6. Summer session does not count in the probation period.