Financial Aid and Scholarship

The purpose of the Grants and Financial Aid fund is to offer financial grants to students who excel academically or in extracurricular activities. As the University also provides humanitarian assistance to students who have harsh financial conditions preventing them from completing their undergraduate studies.

First: Academic Grants

  1. The University offers grants to the General Secondary School students according to the following criteria:

    • The first five students in the country are offered a full grant.

    • Students getting 95% and above in the General Secondary School, in both literary and scientific sections, are offered a grant equivalent to 30%  discount on the fees for the credit hours they register in.

    • Students getting 90%—94.9% in the General Secondary School, in both literary and scientific sections, are offered a grant equivalent to 25% discount on the fees of the credit hour fees.

    • For the continuation of the grant, the student’s Accumulative Average in each academic semester should not be less than 3.6, and the student has to register for at least 15 credit hours.

  2. The University offers academic excellence grant of 40% discount for University’s honor list and 30% of the College’s honor list from the fees of the credit hours upon successfully completing a minimum of 15 credit hours in the first or second semester with a GPA of at least 3.6

  3. The University offers grants to the students’ brothers and relatives as follows:

    • With the exception of the first one, each of the brothers registered in each semester is offered a grant equivalent 20% discount on the credit hours fees.

    • Parents, sons and daughters, and spouses registered in each semester are treated as brothers.

  4. The University offers grants to students when the father (or their primary provider) passes away during their University studies. This grant is 50% of the student’s tuition fees and continues until the student is awarded a Bachelor Degree by AAU. The following rules govern this type of grant:

    • An attested death certificate shall be submitted;

    • The student has not been awarded another scholarship from any other official party;

    • The student will only benefit from this grant in the semester following the submission of the relevant death certificate;

    • The student does not have other resources which enable him/her to continue his/her university studies.

  5. The University offers the sons and daughters of the university’s academic and administrative staff, grants up to the value of 50% of the credit hour fees, with the exception of graduate students.

  6. The University offers scholarships for one semester for outstanding students in extracurricular activities.

Second: Humanitarian Aid Grants

  • The University offers grants for one semester for students who cannot afford to pursue their studies.
  • Based on the recommendation of the Deans’ Council at the beginning of each academic year, the University president forms a committee called The Grants and Financial Aid Committee. The committee is responsible for making decisions regarding humanitarian financial aid granted to students.

Third: ‘Musahama’ Fund

‘Musahama’ Fund for student financial aid was established as a result of AAU’s concern for the welfare of the students its continued support to them. The funds come from the donations and grants from bodies that wish to help students facing financial difficulties. The ‘Musahama’ Fund Committee was formed by a decision of the Board of Trustees to set the regulations and procedures of the Fund.

Grants Regulations

Grants are subject to a number of regulations as described below:

  • These grants are given for the undergraduate level only.
  • Students can apply for grants at the beginning of every semester, except the summer session.
  • The minimum CGPA for the continuation of all grants, except the General Secondary and Academic Excellence grants, is 2.5
  • For the continuation of the General Secondary grants, the student’s SGPA should not be less than 3.6 provided that the student successfully completes 15 credit hours in that semester.
  • For the continuation of the Academic Excellence grants, the student’s SGPA should not be less than 3.6.
  • Grants and discounts do not apply to English Language Levels, registration fees, or extracurricular activities’ fees.
  • A student is entitled to one grant at a time. In case a student qualifies for two grants, he/she shall receive the higher.
  • Grants do not apply to repeated courses.
  • Financial commitments are to be paid on time.
  • The student shall not receive a grant for a semester in which he/she has received a warning.
  • The student should not have received a disciplinary punishment.
  • Grants and discounts are not given backdated.
  • Grants and discounts do not apply for the summer session.
  • A student receiving a grant cannot postpone studying for the duration of the grant.
  • A student receiving a grant is expected to be exemplary in terms of abiding by the AAU Student Code of Conduct.

Procedures for applying for a grant of humanitarian aid

  1. Fill in the student form “Request for Humanitarian Aid” available at the Deanship of Student Affairs

  2. Submit the request by explaining the social situation in detail.

  3. Submit documents which verify a student’s case

  4. A copy of the passport

  5. Recent grade transcripts.