Duties and Responsibilities



The ITC of AAU is responsible of providing software and hardware support and maintenance to the

university community including the faculty members, the managerial members and the students, this

role put the ITC in a very critical point which every system and each single hardware should be up and

up to date, and the ITC always tries to satisfy the university community with its services, the following

is a list of some duties and responsibilities of the ITC:

• Answer the calls from the faculty members and solve the problems they face such as

  (Mail problems, PC problems, printers).

• Monitor the datacenter hardware in order to take a quick action if anything happens.

• Provide the registration and the finance departments with needed statistics and customized reports.

• Monitor the network traffic and maintain high availability of the servers.

• Prepare the labs for the any activity such as online exams.

• Search for any new software or hardware that can improve the ITC services.

• Making new applications that help the employees and students accomplishing their tasks.

• The ITC is responsible of the infrastructure for the university, network that connects building together

  and the two campuses together (AL Ain and Abu-Dhabi).

• Maintain the online services up and running for the students such as the e-learning and the e-library

  and the university website.

• Provide high availability of the internet for each person in the university.