Duties and Responsibilities


In order to accomplish its goals and objectives, the Quality Assurance and Institutional Research Center carries out a number of activities including the following:

  • monitoring and evaluation of academic integrity;
  • evaluation of faculty members’ performance standards;
  • setting standardized procedures for course and program development in line with the CAA standards;
  • conducting an annual appraisal of the colleges’ plans and achievements;
  • organizing awareness-raising seminars to help explain the principles of quality assurance to AAU faculty and staff;
  • proposing remedies for gaps in performance;
  • providing training in the use of information resources;
  • providing information and expertise in the areas of assessment, strategic planning, and public accountability;
  • providing data analysis, decision support, and institutional effectiveness information;
  • providing a variety of data about faculty issues including teaching loads, course enrollment, department faculty distribution, comparative and equity salary and analyses of staffing trends and salaries;
  • providing analytical support for enrollment management including enrollment patterns, trends, history, projections, and attendance patterns (student persistence, class cancellation rates, and retention), diversity, and grade distribution.